Hitting a wall today

My body is killing me! How frustrating!  I know I’m still adjusting to my daily workouts, but I swear, today my body just wants to shutdown! Of course I can’t let it. I’m going on my 2nd run this evening.  I did it yesterday, I can do it again today. I think I just need a little nap before heading out.  Maybe at lunch!  That might be all I need; a little more sleep!


New commitments

I’m sitting here after my run this morning thinking about the commitments I have made to myself and I feel good about them all.  I am committing myself to eating healthier, to exercising 6 out of the 7 days of the week, listening to my instincts and not being afraid to ask for what I want in life.

Now for my workout, I have added a little more today. I am now up to a mile, which is a 50% improvement from 2 weeks ago and I added dips, push ups, step ups and crunches. I feel really energized and elated.  I am awake.

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9th day and counting…

I am down 2.5 lbs on my 9th day!  Since my daughter is playing volleyball in the evening, I have started to run around the field a couple of times. It was nice! Running has already improved my mood so much.  I feel so happy after running and I’m really loving the fact  I’m getting in a double workout Monday through Thursday.  And with every pound I lose, I’m that much closer to that dress I want for Christmas.  I just might make it instead! Anyway, until next post!

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On a roll

Now that my first week of workouts and running is complete, what about my weekends?  I woke up this morning with an urge to workout.  That made me happy. So I looked up jump rope workouts online and found a cool one at fitnessblackandwhite.com.  It’s interval training and went like this:

3 minute easy warm up
30 sec rest
30 sec fast paced jump
30 sec rest
45 sec fast paced jump
30 sec rest
1 minute fast paced jump

Repeat 2 more times, but with 30 sec rests and 1 minute fast paced  jumps.

I muscled through it and I found my rest periods were longer than they should have been. But I felt good after I was done.  One more day to complete my first full week of working out. Until then!

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I did it!!!!

I completed one whole week of getting up at 5 and going for a run with my hubby!  And…I LOST 1.5 lbs!!!!!  And I feel real good because I get so much done before 7:30 now.  Now, for my crash course in volleyball…gotta get ready for Monday.  Gotta be brave!


I tried volleyball tonight.  What can I say…I stunk.  I will file this under my “major embarrassment” file.  But now I have to learn this game of volleyball.  I must swallow my pride and come back again…I can’t go out like that.  I fought the urge to run off the court and find a quiet place to cry. I’m just not used to being that bad at something! But on a positive note I did get one of my serves over the net and I got 1 touch on the ball in play.  I will come back from this.  I will prevail. 

Work It Out

Alright…I am on day 2 of my new workout routine.  After the Insanity snafu, I am going to approach my fitness a little differently.   Me and my husband are getting up at 5 and going for a run at a nearby park.  I have to admit, it is a little difficult because I haven’t workout out consistently in over 2 years.  A little here, a lot there, but nothing on a regular basis.  But, so far so good.  I am in better shape than I thought,  but my cardio needs a lot of help! Yesterday morning was the hardest, but not so bad that it would keep from doing it again.  I managed to eek out a 1/2 mile run and walk to and from the park.  This  morning was easier than Monday’s run.  But I had so much more energy this morning to do the following before leaving for work:  feed kittens, change litter, feed bandit, wash a load and hang it out to dry, water the front yard and pack my lunch for today.  The plan now is to workout at the gym on Monday and Wednesday evenings and run every morning.  I believe I can handle it.    In fact, I know I can do it.

My happiness is my gift to my family

Its been awhile since I’ve written, but its because I haven’t had anything to write about, until now. I just watched Oprah’s Soul Sunday and was so inspired by the  discussion of happiness.  I am that person that is addicted to a destination.  That’s when someone talks and plans for a particular destination (buying a house, saving for college, starting a business, etc.) but never takes the steps towards realizing those destinations because there is a fear of happiness.  There’s that fear that if we find happiness, it will leave us.  It makes sense.  As Dr. Robert Holden said (he was on the show), if we do not dare to be great and trust happiness can happen, we die before we die.  And that underneath complaining lies a fear of happiness. I noticed that when I started to change my thoughts about what I am capable of achieving in life and that it is not selfish to want more for myself, the law attraction has been steady at work.  I know I am on the right track now.  Until next time.

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Another great lunch !


I looked up recipes using quinoa and black beans and found a salad made of the two ingredients plus mango and sesame/ginger dressing.  To my joy, i happened to bring some sesame/ginger dressing to work with me for my kale.  But what i did instead i added the quinoa, beans, kale, substituted the mango with loquats and added the dressing.  SO GOOD and refreshing.  I had this with my cucumber/orange slice water (thanks sis for the tip!). Until the next time!

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My quick and easy protein lunch


Mixed salad + sesame dressing + black beans + corn + mushrooms + tomato = YUMMY!