Portion revelation!

This morning I laughed long and hard at myself and then I got over it.  My smoothie servings are WAY TOO LARGE!!!!!  Ugh!

I spent this morning searching the internet for more smoothie ideas and found that the average serving size for the smoothies I found was 8 oz.  I have been yielding and drinking twice that amount!  So, for this point on, I will be making my smoothies and storing half in the fridge for later.  According to wholeliving.com, one of the many websites I found this morning, the smoothie recipes yield 2 servings and the one I chose this morning was a really refreshing blueberry smoothie – you can find it at the following link:  http://www.wholeliving.com/photogallery/smoothies?#slide_15  

This is someone else’s creation, so please click on the link for the recipe.  The 8 oz serving was enough to satisfy me.  I did have a cup of coffee with creamer and that may have helped.

Later, I’ll be picking up ingredients to make my own mixes to share. Image


2 thoughts on “Portion revelation!

  1. As far as portion control with smoothies is concerned – if you cut out the sugar and dairy altogether, you can have that wonderful 16ounces with ZERO guilt and way less calories!

    Dark green leafy smoothies, a little fruit and stevia for sweetness is the way to go!

    Give it a try! mmmmmmmmm…I think I’ma make me one right now!

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