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Life in Suspension

For the last week, I feel like I have been on hold.  Everything seemed to stop.  I’m confident tomorrow’s sunrise will grease the gears and life will continue on again, with better stories to tell.  Until tomorrow.



Today was both busy and meaningful.  Busy because I felt like I was literally cooking all day to prepare for this weeks meals and meaningful because I was reminded of how important food is to us as living beings.  We rely on it to sustain us.  My sister and I spoke about a week ago and I made a comment looking back now that was pretty disrespectful towards the very thing that sustains me.  I said something along the lines that “food should be viewed like toilet paper; you need it, but why should the brand, or color or softness matter? Use it and move on.”  That day I was frustrated with myself for making bad food choices.  My sister disagreed with me and reminded me of how sacred food really is and that the view on food should be just the opposite. After all the food preparations I made today, I see she is absolutely right.  I made homemade hummus, lentil soup, breakfast muffins for the kids for the 1st half of the week and prepped dinner for Tuesday.  I felt proud that I committed myself to eat better and to cook better meals for my family. I feel really good about my choices today and look forward to many more this week.  

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Everything green day!

My smoothie yesterday morning was a bit of a mess, but turned out pretty fresh tasting. Now that I have been experimenting with different tastes, I decided to try parsley in my smoothie.  You’d be surprised by the taste dimension! I mixed avocado, green apples, spinach, parsley, banana, strawberries, and of course the usual flax and nutritional yeast, water, water and more water as I blended.  The taste was a little thin, so I did add a dollop of vanilla yogurt and a splash of almond milk (unsweetened).  The amount this mix yielded was ridiculous!  I had my usual 8-9 oz breakfast, had the same amount for dinner and there is still 8 oz in the fridge for this morning’s breakfast!  I love it!  Here is a pic of the tasty concoction:


I also whipped up delicious avocado-mango-cucumber-jalapeno gazpacho for lunch:


I know its not a true gazpacho since it is missing the tomato, but basically made the same way.  Its unbelievable the difference this smoothie diet (I hate that word) has had on my body already.  I feel awake now.  Until next concoction’s birth!

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Today marks the first day in a long while that I have avoided the temptation of junk food!  Caramel chocolate chunks sat a couple of yards from me and I held my ground!  I just couldn’t see ruining my whole day on that.  I started out great this morning with my “mixed jubilee” smoothie (just made that up).  There really wasn’t a clear vision for this one.  I ran out of time this morning and had to start throwing things in the blender.  It was great!  A mix of avocado, apple, a little pineapple juice, banana, strawberries, flax seed, nutritional yeast and water.  Beautifully fresh.  I also made a great avocado  and pineapple gazpacho from a recipe I found online.  I am strongly considering following a detox plan until my birthday.  My gift to me!  

I didn’t have time to take a pic of today’s smoothie or gazpacho, but I bought the ingredients for tomorrows creations and will get up extra early to photograph them in all their glory!  Until tomorrow!