Worth mentioning….

I felt it was worth mentioning my lunch choice today.  

I left the house without a packed lunch and I had only 3 dollars on me.  I bought a bunch of kale for $2 and a sweet potato for $1 at the farmer’s market up the street.  Microwaved both (separately), seasoned with paprika and a little kosher salt.  Viola!  lunch!  Okay…back to work!




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2 thoughts on “Worth mentioning….

  1. BJ says:

    Another good thing to try: Keep peanut butter at work. If you buy Kale in a pinch, you’ll just need to wash it, work some peanut butter in the leaves with your fingers, and tear it in small bite size pieces. Then add your salt, and other spices… the peanut butter breaks the raw kale down (like olive oil does when you make a kale salad), softening it up so you won’t have to cook it! This is SO DELICIOUS!

    Try it, your flora (and taste buds) will thank you 😉

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