The sun is shining and it’s making me smile

What a beautiful California day!!!  The rain is gone, if you could really call what we had rain.  More like a lot of dew!  This morning started off particularly well.  My daughter and I  have been waking up extra early and doing an ab workout.  I lead the warm up, she leads the ab workout.  Today was day 2, and I have to say I am loving it.  I miss working out and it is quite nice to spend this time with my daughter.

Afterwards I enjoyed a green smoothie, well kind of.   I decided to add vanilla almond milk and water and found that with my green smoothie it’s way too sweet!  I like the green veggie taste and the vanilla was disruptive.  I had to force myself to drink the rest of my smoothie.  My palate is used to a certain taste and this was not it.

As for my skin, I am having fewer flares and have no problem knitting now.  My hands were actually starting to ache when my skin would flare up so this is a really great experience. Makes me appreciate my wellness even more.


One thought on “The sun is shining and it’s making me smile

  1. Mama Bird says:

    Try just purified water…that’s all I used this morning:
    spinach bunch (or kale)
    water to consistency desired – careful, not too watery – less is best so you can add more at the end if needed.
    then added
    sm handful frozen blueberries
    sm handful frozen bananas
    sm handful pecans
    blend again

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