Monthly Archives: March 2012

I know change is gonna come

Just finished my first week of Insanity and surprisingly  I feel pretty good.  I may have pulled a muscle in my weak tummy, but a trip to the doctor will give me a clear answer (hopefully).  The hardest part for me was the fit test.  Geez!!!  I was in pain the next day!  But the more I worked out, the quicker the recovering, especially when it came to my calves and thighs.  I have one more week before I start my (1) month Vegetarian challenge and I am looking forward to that.  Still mixing smoothies, but alternating between smoothies and flax/raisin/almond oatmeal for breakfast.  I expect to see a pretty major changes in my overall appearance by the end of April.  Time and commitment will tell!  Until next time.

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