My happiness is my gift to my family

Its been awhile since I’ve written, but its because I haven’t had anything to write about, until now. I just watched Oprah’s Soul Sunday and was so inspired by the  discussion of happiness.  I am that person that is addicted to a destination.  That’s when someone talks and plans for a particular destination (buying a house, saving for college, starting a business, etc.) but never takes the steps towards realizing those destinations because there is a fear of happiness.  There’s that fear that if we find happiness, it will leave us.  It makes sense.  As Dr. Robert Holden said (he was on the show), if we do not dare to be great and trust happiness can happen, we die before we die.  And that underneath complaining lies a fear of happiness. I noticed that when I started to change my thoughts about what I am capable of achieving in life and that it is not selfish to want more for myself, the law attraction has been steady at work.  I know I am on the right track now.  Until next time.

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