Glad you’re here!

7/11/12 – UPDATE: What began as a journal chronically my smoothie journey has become a journal about my overall health and wellness goals. I welcome comments, questions, tips, etc. The only thing I ask is to please wipe your feet at the entrance. Enjoy!

Welcome to my online smoothie journal.  I am committing myself to substituting my breakfast with fruit/veggie smoothies.  I have started with really basic recipes found online and would like to expand upon this smoothie adventure with other interesting mixes and meal substitutions.  Nothing artificial though!  So I welcome new recipe suggestions.

My ultimate goal is to exchange some of the real bad eating habits I have picked up and replace them with healthy, productive ones.  You know, the good habits that will keep me healthy and allow me to live a more productive and meaningful life.  There is a connection in my opinion.

Enjoy and wish me loads of luck!



2 thoughts on “Glad you’re here!

  1. Cortney says:

    Nice job on the smoothies.

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