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Another great lunch !


I looked up recipes using quinoa and black beans and found a salad made of the two ingredients plus mango and sesame/ginger dressing.  To my joy, i happened to bring some sesame/ginger dressing to work with me for my kale.  But what i did instead i added the quinoa, beans, kale, substituted the mango with loquats and added the dressing.  SO GOOD and refreshing.  I had this with my cucumber/orange slice water (thanks sis for the tip!). Until the next time!

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Everything green day!

My smoothie yesterday morning was a bit of a mess, but turned out pretty fresh tasting. Now that I have been experimenting with different tastes, I decided to try parsley in my smoothie.  You’d be surprised by the taste dimension! I mixed avocado, green apples, spinach, parsley, banana, strawberries, and of course the usual flax and nutritional yeast, water, water and more water as I blended.  The taste was a little thin, so I did add a dollop of vanilla yogurt and a splash of almond milk (unsweetened).  The amount this mix yielded was ridiculous!  I had my usual 8-9 oz breakfast, had the same amount for dinner and there is still 8 oz in the fridge for this morning’s breakfast!  I love it!  Here is a pic of the tasty concoction:


I also whipped up delicious avocado-mango-cucumber-jalapeno gazpacho for lunch:


I know its not a true gazpacho since it is missing the tomato, but basically made the same way.  Its unbelievable the difference this smoothie diet (I hate that word) has had on my body already.  I feel awake now.  Until next concoction’s birth!

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