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On a roll

Now that my first week of workouts and running is complete, what about my weekends?  I woke up this morning with an urge to workout.  That made me happy. So I looked up jump rope workouts online and found a cool one at fitnessblackandwhite.com.  It’s interval training and went like this:

3 minute easy warm up
30 sec rest
30 sec fast paced jump
30 sec rest
45 sec fast paced jump
30 sec rest
1 minute fast paced jump

Repeat 2 more times, but with 30 sec rests and 1 minute fast paced  jumps.

I muscled through it and I found my rest periods were longer than they should have been. But I felt good after I was done.  One more day to complete my first full week of working out. Until then!

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