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Another great lunch !


I looked up recipes using quinoa and black beans and found a salad made of the two ingredients plus mango and sesame/ginger dressing.  To my joy, i happened to bring some sesame/ginger dressing to work with me for my kale.  But what i did instead i added the quinoa, beans, kale, substituted the mango with loquats and added the dressing.  SO GOOD and refreshing.  I had this with my cucumber/orange slice water (thanks sis for the tip!). Until the next time!

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Quick thought on my Kale + Peanut Butter = snack!


Upon the suggestion of my sis, I gave this kale/peanut butter snack a try.  It was surprisingly tasty.  I would like to try a peanut butter sauce over raw Kale.  That would be awesome. 

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Worth mentioning….

I felt it was worth mentioning my lunch choice today.  

I left the house without a packed lunch and I had only 3 dollars on me.  I bought a bunch of kale for $2 and a sweet potato for $1 at the farmer’s market up the street.  Microwaved both (separately), seasoned with paprika and a little kosher salt.  Viola!  lunch!  Okay…back to work!




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